WiFi Connection Guide


Why are you asking for my details?

Regulations about digital communications suggest all responsible businesses should store internet access logs of all free connections.

Why do you need to know my age?

To ensure any marketing information that you may receive is age-appropriate.

What happens if I ‘Opt-In’ to marketing emails?

If you choose to opt-in, your information will be added to our secure database allowing us to send relevant and direct marketing via email. We take the privacy of our guests, customers and any other individual with whom we engage very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal data. Brains will only ever send you emails about our offers, services and competitions we think may be of interest to you. We will not share your information with 3rd parties for marketing purposes unless previously agreed.

What happens if I do not ‘Opt-In’ to marketing emails?

If you do not choose to ‘Opt-In’ to marketing emails then your details will only be used for logging you in to the Wi-Fi system and you will not receive any marketing communications from us. We take data processing very seriously, and you can find out about how we treat your data in our privacy notice.

Now I have signed up, where can I use the Wi-Fi?

Once you have registered your email address, you will be able to use our free customer Wi-Fi across our Managed Pub estate.

Why is my connection slow?

The speed of the connection is limited to provide a consistent service to all users but, like all public Wi-Fi hotspots, the connection speed can vary depending upon a number of factors - such as where you are in relation to the hotspot, how busy the hotspot is, and the available broadband speeds. We always provide the fastest broadband available to us at the time of installation.

There may be some things you can do to try and get the best possible speeds:

• If the signal strength is weak you can try moving somewhere with a stronger signal.
• If the venue you are in has obvious separate areas, such as an upstairs area, try moving to a quieter area, as that area may have fewer people connected to the Wi-Fi Access Point.

If you are still unable to get a usable Wi-Fi connection speed, then please try again later during a quieter period.

If you feel the Wi-Fi is often too slow to use, please ask the manager to report the issue to head office.

What records do you keep of how and when I use the Wi-Fi, and what are they used for?

We keep a record of the time, date and location. In addition, we keep a record of the amount of data that is used. This information is used for internal analytics only, such as identifying peak usage times, or sites with heavy than average usage. In addition, this information may be used to diagnose connection issues with a particular account. We do not share this information with any 3rd parties unless legally required to so do by the appropriate authority.

We may keep records of sites visited and DNS requests; this information is associated only to the MAC address of the device and not the email account, and this information is stored separately from any account information. This information is only used to diagnose connection issues, or if it is requested for legal reasons by the appropriate authority.


I’ve entered my email address, but can’t connect?

If you are using a device supplied by your company, you may have security settings in place that restrict the Wi-Fi connection. In the first instance, please contact your company’s IT department and ask if there are any restrictions.

Please ensure that the email address used has been previously registered and entered correctly. You can register by clicking the Sign-up link when you connect to the Wi-Fi.

Try visiting a common website such as www.bbc.co.uk, if you are redirected to the login page it is likely that you still need to register, so click the sign-up link to do this.

If you are informed that the page cannot be found, then we may have an issue with the Wi-Fi system at the venue. Please report the issue to a member of staff.

I’ve connected to the Wi-Fi, but I have not been prompted to log in.

Almost all devices should recognise that the Wi-Fi requires you to sign-in and should automatically display the sign-in page. If your device does not then please open an internet browser and visit any website, you should then be redirected to the sign-in page.

I’ve connected with many of my other devices but I’m not able to connect with my latest device.

To ensure accounts aren’t shared out we limit the number of devices that are permitted to be assigned to an account to 4 devices. If you are trying to register more than 4 you will be blocked from registering. If you require additional devices please email enquiries@sabrain.com, from the registered email address, requesting this.